About Me

My name is Meg, and I have a deep love of folklore and mythology. I grew up dreaming of mermaids on the coast of Lake Michigan, and now I am lucky enough to live in a fishing village on the North Sea. I have a degree in medieval history but have a wide range of interests in cultures from around the world, past and present. I also love languages and music, and I love to explore my new home of Scotland. My favourite towns in the whole world are St Andrews, Scotland, and Sister Bay, Wisconsin – both beautiful towns by the water! After I saw a documentary about the complexity of dolphins’ social lives and brains, I became fascinated with cetaceans and all marine mammals. (Having seen many more since, I’d definitely recommend “20 Years with Dolphins”!) One of the luckiest experiences of my life was getting to swim with dolphins in the British Virgin Islands. I’ve yet to see a whale, but every time I walk along the sea, I cast a hopeful gaze…

Beach Run